Can You Afford The Hunt?

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A self-generated original news story x2.

For a consumer fashion print or digital site and an industry/business/trade publication or digital site.

Written Sept 2013

Piece 1

The Hunt app: an advertising brand tool or a shopping device for the consumer?

Launched 21st November 2013, this lifestyle app aimed for a young consumer market promises to “cure outfit envy.” The Hunt’s website traffic consists of 50% mobile; 85% using smartphones and 15% tablets, thus influencing the app’s creation. Unlike similar social media platforms Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr, the community members help source the origin of a specific product and directly link the user to the relevant purchase site. Since site launch in January, members stand at approximately 65,000 with 200,000 hunts a week and 115,000 products from over 10,000 unique stores. The perfect statistics to represent a publicising tool for brands, shop owners and stylists. This app is free but can the consumer afford the final cost?

The app itself may be free but its pertinence is questioned. While the app doesn’t cost, the point is to purchase the discovered product. Aimed at a young recessional consumer market, is the audience likely to have pennies spare? This app after all, doesn’t change the fact that shopping is an expensive hobby.

CEO Weingarten’s income escalates with Viglink, through the commerce The Hunt drives.  It is able to provide relevant, up-to-date data on user activity for brands and companies. This suggests the popular app could become an aid in forecasting fashion trends. Moreover, businesses could further expect to reach unknown potential customers. Consequently, The Hunt therefore may become a hunting-ground for industry appropriation rather than leisurely consumer shopping; can you afford to cure your outfit envy?


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