Street Style, Meet The Hunt

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A self-generated original news story x2.

For a consumer fashion print or digital site and an industry/business/trade publication or digital site.

Written Sept 2013

Piece 2 (in the style of Grazia magazine)

Grazia’s own Style Hunter hangs in the balance.  We’ve discovered a revolutionary lifestyle app released 21st November 2013, that is transforming the essence of Street Style. Will you be a stylist or keep up with the trends? The app claims it is the cure for outfit envy. With celebs like Tyra Banks and Ashton Kutcher investing into a $5.5m pot, we knew it was something worth investigating.

We introduce you to The Hunt.

Have you ever seen a pic on Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram (even Google) of something you’ve fallen in love with, searched for its whereabouts but alas, to no avail? It works like this: upload an image of anything sartorial or home-ware related that you covet, hanker after, or desperately need. The members of the community are the predators and your item is their prey; they will track down your item as close to your detailed requirements as possible and swiftly post the specific webpage on which you can purchase your desired item.

Heads up for stylists or online shop owners: this would be an excellent method for advertising; solve hunts with your own style, design concepts, push merchandise and boost sales. With luxury brands like Oscar de la Renta and Alexander McQueen creating their own web-space on Tumblr, we wonder if The Hunt will also be a new advertising platform for industry brands. Hint: get there first.

Side note: Fashion, compared to other genres, is reblogged on a much greater scale, and with approximately 180 blogs of the top 1000 being fashion related, The Hunt could look forward to an influx of popularity.

Join now and begin your own hunt.


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