Who Doesn’t Love Cara?

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Cara Delevigne, 2014’s ‘Model of the Year,’ has 9m followers on Instagram. She has 2.1m followers on Twitter. She’s been labeled the new Kate Moss. She’s worked with Mario Testino, Burberry, H&M, Zara, Chanel, Moschino, Oscar de le Renta, and Topshop, to name just a few. She’s from Chelsea, via Belgravia. Her mother is friends with the Duchess of York and her grandmother was a lady-in-waiting for Princess Margaret. Her godmother is actress Joan Collins, darling, and her godfather is the president of Condé Nast Publications to boot.

So, have other magazines missed a trick by not hiring Cara Delevingne as their new contributing editor?

Edie Campbell, ‘Model of the Year’ preceding Delevingne became the senior contributing editor of Love in 2014. Editor of Love, Katie Grand, said of Campbell, “she’s a beautiful writer and I’m thrilled she’s coming to write for us.” Grand, who’s worked with Delevingne since 2009, says she’s “an exceptionally bright, sharp and hilarious young woman.” Grand states the model has “proven herself to be a fearless interviewer” yet Delevingne left school before she completed her A-Levels and Grand mentions little of her journalistic-literary skills.

Love magazine describes itself as having a “youthful vibrancy.” They insist that “fashion feeds off energies outside the industry for new ideas, looking to art and music.” Ironically, Delevingne’s a catwalk model immersed in the fashion industry. Yet, she personifies the youthfulness the magazine speaks of (see her Instagram for infamous silly faces) and aspires to be a drummer and singer. Perhaps she’s the perfect candidate: a socialite, millions of fans, with an A-Z celeb-phonebook. Who cares if she can’t write?


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